Fauci – No Thanksgiving for you!!

Democrats have threatened to pack the Supreme Court.  If so, the historical 9 Judge panel would be changed and that’s not good for America. 

Biden is truly the ultimate political machine; he doesn’t even remember what an original thought is.  His latest transparent pandering was to Muslim.  Joe said he’d have Muslims serving at every level of his administration.

Even certain liberal journalists feel the censorship has gone too far with big tech.  As stated by one editorial regarding Twitter, “It has a policy against journalism—especially journalism in the Trump era.”



A Thin Blue Line flag is waved during the Seattle Police Officers Guildâs rally to stop defunding of the Seattle Police Department on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at Seattle City Hall.

Almost 120 Police Officers Have Now Left the Seattle PD


Woke Racism – A Catch-22

Army Designs Body Armor for Women and Batteries |

Body Armor Made for Women


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